Rise User Friendly Decentralized Application and Investment Platform

Easy App Development, Backed by the Blockchain

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Scalable on Devices

Rise Currency and Applications Everywhere.

Our number one goal is to make Rise accessible to everybody. This means we're putting massive effort into making our web interface scale across all devices. By keeping within cryptocurrency core values, you'll be able to transfer value, build applications, trade and even invest via an easy to use and decentralized UI.

Investments and "Banking" Revolutionized

We want to change the way you handle your money, and your wealth.

We have put a lot of thought into what we want RISE to be. We are going to provide tools to manage your RISE, your Bitcoins, and your investments with those currencies. Manage your CryptoCurrencies in one place, and in the future, pay your bills, pay your rent, or even buy your house.

One of our first major Application projects is Project Acre, a real estate investment platform that will enable you to invest in a building project, and get a percent, based on your investment, of the profits. More details will be coming after our ICO!


Ubiquitous Currency

We are designing systems that will enable spending RISE just like traditional fiat currency. Pay your bills, buy food, and send money to your friends and family with RISE.

Community-driven Foundation

We are a group of highly talented enthuiasts, but we don't know everything . We will be building a foundation, post ICO, to get the community involved. Voting on features we need, and where the foundation will go from the initial launch will be the job of the community.

Digital and Physical

We are working to bridge the gap between physical and virtual. RISE is our first step towards this goal. Ultimately, we want you to be able to pay for both Digital and Physical goods with RISE, as if it were your country's FIAT.

Our Founders

Here's to the Crazy Ones, our Fearless Leaders
Meet our entire Team

Justin Donnaruma

Lead Developer / Co-Founder (jdr0dn3y)

Steven Remington

Marketing / Co-Founder (scifi-rem)

Cormac Lucking

Project Manager (Alty)

Our Partners

Companies who have provided a service, or are supporting us in some way.
See our technology stack.


Q.What happens with the btc invested in the ICO?

A. The btc is used to fund development for Rise and can be used to expand the team depending on the success of the ICO, such as Project Acre.

Q.How soon will I get my Rise coins?

A. Once all ICO btc is collected, coins will be sent out to each investor. We are currently aiming for early to mid June.

Q.What is being done to ensure fair distribution?

A. Six weeks ICO gives investors plenty of time to discover the coin and a fair userbase and community should be formed.

Q.How do we know that the developers aren’t buying all the coins with investors recycled btc?

A. Rise will use a well-trusted person in the crypto community for 3rd person escrow. There will be a visible and single btc address and it will be hosted using coinbase multisig service. No btcs are being moved until the end of the ICO.