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RISE to the occasion.

Apply your skills to earn a bounty for testing, finding bugs, blogging or even translation. Bounties will be continuously updated, applications reviewed and subject to change based on the projects needs.

Developer Bounties

Community Bounties

Translation Bounties

Developer Bounties

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We encourage developers of all proficiency levels with a variety of programming languages to participate in contributing to RISE.

Referral for Developers Developers must be successfully employed to further work on the RISE platform.

Bounty Reward $50 in RISE

Bug Bounties Report bug and details of the issue. Issue must not be a duplicate of an already known bug.

Bounty Reward $100 to $300 in RISE

Guides for TypeScript/JavaScript, Python and C# API Professionally written instructions on how the APIs function and how they can be used with example code.

Bounty Reward $300 to $750 in RISE

Build an App using the RISE API libraries Applications will be reviewed on usefulness, creativity and integration of RISE within the application.

Bounty Reward $1000 to $2,500 in RISE

Community Bounties

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We encourage community members to help promote and increase the awareness of RISE globally.

Organise a local meetup/event/presentation

Write an article or blog post about RISE

Record and publish a promo video blog for RISE on YouTube

Create a ‘How To’ or tutorial video for RISE

Bounty Reward $10 to $100 in RISE

Translation Bounties

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We encourage supporters of RISE around the globe with professional language skills to help us in our aim to provide RISE resources in multiple languages.

Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian

Bounty Reward Up to $100 in RISE

Contact Us

If you would like to collaborate with RISE on bounties, media or partnerships, please fill out this form. We are open to all suggestions!