Rise Blockchain Incubator

RISE is continuously evolving with an ever growing development team to expand the RISE codebase and build decentralized application (Dapp) features.

Additionally, RISE will be assisting decentralized startups through our blockchain incubator service.

The RISE team and founders combine funding, experience in creation of cryptocurrency projects and traditional business models to help accelerate new projects.

Starting a new decentralized project based on blockchain technology can be a complex process. RISE will assist from concept stage, including ensuring a viable business model, to technical experience required for coding your project.

For the first blockchain startup that RISE is building, namely Interlet, the following distribution and allocation model will be used:

30% RISE holders
50% Project Participants
20% Development Team

If 100 million tokens are issued for a new blockchain project. 30 million tokens are reserved for RISE holders and they will be distributed based on a snapshot of all RISE wallets. Notice will be provided and RISE holders will be required to claim their coins from a new project via a unique website.

Please note that the distribution amounts for future projects does not necessarily follow the same ratios as Interlet, they are subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply.


Interlet is the first startup Rise team is working towards, it’ll use RISE Side-chain technology once that becomes readily available. Interlet is designed to be direct competition for centralized vacation rental services like Airbnb. Rise holders will be allocated 30% of all Interlet Tokens. 


Chipz will be a fully operational casino built in conjunction with an established casino software supplier. Rise holders will be given a % of Chipz tokens based on the amount of Rise in their wallet during the snapshot, Chipz can be used as the in house currency to game with. Expect to see many of the classic casino games such as Roulette, Poker and various slot machines.

The value of Chipz tokens will be determined by the free market once they are available for trading via an exchange. In order to use the casino players will be required to purchase Chipz tokens. Once fiat gateways are open on the Waves network the casino will begin accepting fiat tokens that can be user to instantly buy and sell Chipz direct from the casino.