Rise Mobile Application Store
Whether you are in cryptocurrency or not, RISE will be a platform for everyone to use. The fastest growing technology in history is mobile and tablet, which is why we are building RISE as a decentralized mobile application platform based on blockchain technology.

There are thousands of real world applications that exist on established centralised platforms, such as Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. With a decentralized application platform like RISE, it offers greater freedom and opportunities for developers and users alike.

Our mission is to put the RISE decentralized application platform onto millions of mobile phones and tablets globally with hundreds of decentralized applications (Dapps) in the store.

Applications within the store will likely be free to use unless premium features are programmed in by app developers, in which case RISE will be the transaction currency and minimum fees will apply. As not all users will be familiar with cryptocurrency, a system will be in place for users to easily credit their account with fiat currency.

Using inter blockchain technology we will aim to connect to platforms, such as Waves, in order to benefit from their fiat gateways for non crypto users to make purchases using fiat currency within the RISE decentralized application (Dapp) store.