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But we will need maps. Join us in forging the future.

Genesis Block created for the RISE blockchain and in Testnet

June 2016

NodeJS API Library completed

October 2016

JAVA API Library completed

October 2016

Ruby API Library completed

October 2016

Code base updated from original forked code

March 2017

Hybrid code base created to form active RISE code base

June 2017

Coin swap to new live Mainnet

July 2017

First live forging node

July 2017

3 updates to RISE web wallet

Aug 2017

TypeScript API Library completed

Sept 2017

Python API Library completed

Sept 2017

C# API Library completed

Oct 2017

RISE code base rewrite in TypeScript for scalability and future code refactoring

Nov 2017

RISE VISION PLC incorporated in Gibraltar

Dec 2017

RISE Core TypeScript code base in Testnet

January 2018

TypeScript RISE Core 1.0.0 code base launches to Mainnet

April 2018

New RISE Website

April 2018

Forging reduces to 12 RISE per block

June 2018

TypeScript Core 1.1.0

In progress

P2P Communication Enhancements

In progress

Core Security Enhancements

In progress

New RISE web wallet

In progress

Scalable Core Enhancements (Transactions per Second)

Later This Year

Sidechain Development

Later This Year

Deploy Test Sidechains (POC)

Later This Year

Develop SDKs

Later This Year

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*Disclaimer: Items on this roadmap are an outline of what we are working on and subject to change based on testing, resources and the
Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology landscape.